Thomas E. Bolton Award

During my networking activities, I was invited by Melissa Gray to submit an abstract for the Canadian Paleontological Conference 2016. To my delight it was accepted, and I presented 'Tropes, Trends, and Speculation in Paleoart" on August 27th. Five reconstructions of Troodon formosus accompanied my presentation, each representing a major style-shift within the last 160 years.

On the final day, I was honoured to receive the Thomas E. Bolton Award for best student presentation. Directly below is a photo taken by Michael Cuggy, in the cafe where the last presentations took place.  As you can see, I also received a brilliantly thick book, Four Billion Years and Counting!

Photo credit goes to Michael Cuggy

1. Knight-style

2. Bakker-style

3. Paul-style

4. Incremental-style

5. Willoughby-style