Applied Arts Youngblood Illustration Award

Applied Arts is Canada's most prominent visual design magazine. Each year they give out a number of awards, and I am very happy to report that my Ceratopsia print won in the Youngblood Illustration category for 2017. 

The Ceratopsia print is a 5-colour risograph print (meaning it had to be passed through 5 colour stencils), featuring Triceratops, Protoceratops, Styracosaurus, and Wendiceratops.

Works on Paper Exhibition

From now until November 6, you can head on down to Project Gallery (a commercial art gallery in downtown Toronto) to check out their Works on Paper exhibition & view five of my risograph paleoart prints. The exhibition opening was yesterday at 6pm - it was terrific to see the crowd it brought in! 

Thomas E. Bolton Award

During my networking activities, I was invited by Melissa Gray to submit an abstract for the Canadian Paleontological Conference 2016. To my delight it was accepted, and I presented 'Tropes, Trends, and Speculation in Paleoart" on August 27th. Five reconstructions of Troodon formosus accompanied my presentation, each representing a major style-shift within the last 160 years.

On the final day, I was honoured to receive the Thomas E. Bolton Award for best student presentation. Directly below is a photo taken by Michael Cuggy, in the cafe where the last presentations took place.  As you can see, I also received a brilliantly thick book, Four Billion Years and Counting!

Photo credit goes to Michael Cuggy

1. Knight-style

2. Bakker-style

3. Paul-style

4. Incremental-style

5. Willoughby-style

Canadian Paleontological Conference

I was invited to speak about paleoart & give a pop-up art show at the annual Canadian Paleontological Conference. 400 risograph postcards came with me to Nova Scotia, for the conference goodie bags (they were packaged into 100 bundles, each containing a Zheyuanlong, a Moschops, a Skorpiovenator, and a Smilodon). Overall, a very pleasant experience!

One of the perks was free fossils - a palaeontologist had a box of "garbage" ferns in shale, with the rusted minerals resembling gold leafing. I grabbed one for myself, and one for the operator of Pindot Press (who did a beautiful job with my risograph prints!) - photos of those at the bottom.

 This little guy borrowed his mom's phone to take photos of my prints!

This little guy borrowed his mom's phone to take photos of my prints!

A selection of my risograph paleoart.

My thesis painting for Sheridan College.

The fern I took for myself.

The fern I took for Pindot Press.

Veles & the Houndsman

This book was part of my coursework during my final year at Sheridan. It's very odd, very experimental, and a little bit bad, but fun all the same! The entire thing can be read here.

The Neighbourhood - 2016 Sheridan Illustration Grad Show

This year's grad show took place at 99 Sudbury in Toronto. The turnout was amazing!

I chose to display my thesis, six prehistoric scenes inspired by the work of John J. Audubon and Charles Livingstone Bull. On the shelf below stood seven dinosaur figurines, painted to resemble my reconstructions - if you look closely, you can match each one to an illustration above.