Greer Stothers is an award-winning illustrator located in the Greater Toronto Area. She received her training at Sheridan College, graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. Currently she is studying Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto.

As a keen paleo-enthusiast, she is deeply interested in the history of paleoart - her presentation on this topic won the Thomas E. Bolton award in 2016 at the Canadian Paleontological Conference.

Stothers’ work also extends to the rest of the natural world. In particular animal behaviour, a subject explored enthusiastically on a blog she hosts.

The majority of her prints are risographs, which are produced by inking the paper through stencils, one colour at a time so that they slowly layer into a complete image. Her risographs won the Applied Artists Youngblood Illustration award, were shortlisted for a Broken Pencil zine award, and have been displayed in galleries in Canada, Germany, and Indonesia.

Greer may be contacted through